Ginoza Gourmet Burger Festival on tap for Sunday

Visitors wait to have a taste of Ginoza’s burgers last year.

What began as a marketing and promotion plan by a small Okinawa village to gain island-wide attention has mushroomed into a burger festival on Sunday.

Besides burgers, Ginoza brings out classic cars, too.

This 2nd Okinawa Burger Festival takes place from 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. at the Ginoza Noson Park in Ginoza Village, 1857 Sokei.  The concept evolved from the Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion Conference, with the intent of promoting locally produced ingredients.

Sunday there are eight restaurateurs preparing tasty burgers for visitors.  They’re Captain Kangaroo with the Yanbaru Cheese Steak Burger, Livemax Amms CanNa Resort Villas with a Ginoza Kurobee Burger, Tenpusu, Rotary Drive

Winner of last year’s contest.

Inn Up-Kytty with a Jumbo Cheese Burger, 3S Café with a Kiwami Burger, Burger Shop H & S with their H&S Burger Part 2, Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa and an Island Pork Steak Cheese Burger, and Corpus with its Old Fashion Burger.

The event is concentrated on hamburgers that are made using local fresh vegetables and meat.  Local burger shops in Ginoza will compete with recommended burgers of the island, and the best burger in Okinawa will be chosen.  The Ginoza Village Hamburger Executive Committee has some  advice to visitors: “Be ready to have your taste buds blown away with hamburgers you have never tasted before.” After eating a Ginoza burger, visitors can vote and help choose the best burger on Okinawa.

The idea behind developing the Ginoza Burger was residents “wanted to begin selling a local gourmet product that is easy to eat for tourists who come to watch the Hanshin Tigers’ annual spring training camp.” Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion conference began putting together a plan that five makers in Ginoza Village would put the “Ginoza Burger“  through a “Ginoza Life Style” promotion that began at Kanna Resort Villa in Kanna, Ginoza Village.

17:48 17 Apr , 2024