Henoko opponents plan to circle Prefecture Office Building

The incoming Okinawa Prefecture Governor Takeshi Onaga and representatives of five parties supporting Onaga decided to organize a demonstration of about 2,000 people to create a human chain around the Prefectural Government Building at noon. Dec. 4.

The demonstration is aimed at expressing opposition to Governor Nakaima, who’s planning to make the decision regarding a change in the construction plan of the landfill in Henoko, on the waning last days of his term.  At the same time, the opposition parties are planning to submit a written resolution to demand that the application approval for the change of the landfill construction plan has to be left to the next governor, Onaga.

Satoru Nakasone, a Prefecture Assembly member of one of the Onaga supporting parties, says, “A new governor who opposes the construction of the new base was elected.  The public will of local people of Okinawa has been shown.  It is unacceptable for Nakaima to make the decision.  We want many local people to join the rally.”

00:42 24 Jul , 2024