Dec 4 ~ 10


If your finances are moving on a less than steady territory, you need to make yourself more time. Listen to advice of others, especially your family. Over the weekend someone who makes your life easier is going to show up. You want to feel yourself needed, but in order to do that, you have to show your feelings more openly. Be sure not to take cynical attitude towards your new friend. Someone is trying to step on you toes on purpose.


You should let others join you minding matters that concern everyone. Later you would see how much easier it becomes for you when you cooperate and don’t take all the responsibility on your own shoulders. Besides, it’s more fun to work together. You can expect your lover to present you with an important question over the weekend. Are you ready for an answer? This weekend is going to put a smile on your face, and offer plenty of chances to relax.


An expected change or event is putting your imagination into an overdrive, but before you act, you should make sure you understand all the facts. Take your time and keep calm. You also should clear the air by being open and honest to people closest to you. There’s could be someone who is not ready to listen to your advice. That is likely to end in a failure, and you have to be ready to give a helping hand.


Have you asked for help or advice from some people recently, and now they seem to hesitate and have second thoughts? Maybe your request took them by surprise. Perhaps you should repeat your request, but in more friendly manner, and the answer could be completely different. You should make sure you take care of all unfinished business at your work before the weekend if possible. Next week you hardly have time.


Try to build more trust in your relationships. You must show others that they can rely on you, and ask for your advice when they need it. Make only promises that you are sure you can keep, as apologies afterwards are less than acceptable. You have by nature a very dynamic attitude that helps you accomplish much. One of your friends is now looking for his or her own advantage without much regard to you, so beware.


This would be a good time to improve your finances. If you look into your past, you could find a way to accomplish this as circumstances that blocked your attempts before have changed or disappeared. This weekend brings a good chance to improve your love life, but you need to make time and specific plans for it to happen. Someone from your past is going to remind you about your old goals and dreams making your mind to race.


Although your social life looks busy, something seems to be missing or out of place. Maybe your expectations have been too high? Despite of recent disappointments your friends are likely to do their best, so you must be patient. If you can readjust your attitude to a more relaxed stance, your mood would also improve remarkably. There are two things ahead of you that are better to be kept apart even if combining them looks attractive.


You should pay attention to people that try to change your mind on a certain matter. Although their intentions are open and for the best, the way they go about this is suspect. You are going to get a professional advice on some problem at your work, but you still should use your common sense. You should postpone any romantic encounters to the weekend to make sure you get everything done properly at your work.


You are sending contradicting signals to a person who has been interested in you for some time, and that’s confusing. Make sure that your message gets to its recipient the way you meant. Regarding your love life, you have to beware of a rival or an old flame showing up on the scene. Be sure that you don’t miss any dates citing your busy work schedule. This week you should concentrate on nurturing your romance more than anything else.


You should think whether you really need everything that you’ve got. Maybe cleaning up your closets or attic would be a good idea. A few bagfuls taken to a charity could ease your burden in more ways than one. You can please others all you want, but you should not do it at the expense of your own happiness. You would like to hide something from your lover, but that would only complicate the matter, so stay true.


Try to find a balance between your own choices and your responsibilities in order to prevent your life getting too complicated. There could be a way to combine your work and fun in some way. If you are contemplating a trip, you should think on different choices you have. Planning carefully could save money but most of all your nerves. Something small is going to cheer you up over the weekend that will be a surprise even to yourself.


Its not necessary, nor even possible, to please everyone. If you feel that you don’t get the cooperation you ask from your co-workers, the most likely reason is envy. A new suggestion about combining your work with your activities at home sounds attractive, but could it be successful? Maybe you should consider this more in detail. It would serve you well to be a little selfish this time, and look first after your own advantage.

18:36 17 Apr , 2024