Dec 11 ~ 17


Although you have a tendency to be rather shy – and some people could even call you a hermit – you should do your best to change your image as much as you can this time. In other words, be alert and try to communicate more. You are likely to meet an attractive person who is catching your eye, and that could prompt you to change your style and looks. You might be a little unhappy with your life just now, but this is going to change fast.


Do not allow your current lousy mood to suppress your spirits forever, because the situation surrounding you is going to improve soon. Take care of the small details of your daily life, but do not neglect to pay attention to the big picture, too. There’s someone who’s really enjoying your company more than you think. But for now, take it easy, as you are not likely to be able to concentrate on much of anything.


At this time of the year it’s all too easy to keep wallowing in your past love, but it would be much better for you to look forward to what is waiting for you. As you are looking for your new love interest, you should fix your attention to someone who’s easy-going and optimistic. Pay attention to your finances and make a budget that you can stick with. Take care of your responsibilities, as they are now important to your future.


Your romantic side is coming to the forefront this month. You have many conflicting responsibilities that are competing for their share of your time with your social life, so it’s important to be especially flexible. You can expect to hear some good news regarding your family that lift your spirits even if the news do not concern you directly in person. You can expect your Christmas to be a bit different this year, but nice nevertheless.


You can look forward to a busy week or two ahead. It’s very important that you plan ahead as much as you can to make sure that you don’t miss any of the fun. You are likely to meet someone new, and the ensuing relationship will prove to be deeper than you first thought. Be ready to help those around you whenever your experience is useful. You must also find time to think about your future, as you can’t let the situation continue as it is.


There could be new plans or some travel ahead. You are full of energy and getting little by little to the right moor for the holidays. It’s more important to do things together with others than show everyone all what you can do. Home and activities related to your home is also starting to take over your mind. Troubles with finances may have bothered you for some time, but that is going to change even without you taking any action at all.


Everyone seems wanting to have a part of you just now. It’s a nice feeling to be popular, but your time could be a problem. If you don’t want to say “no” to anyone, you should at least ask if some things could be postponed. You should make the best of the days of expectation before Christmas. You should also pay attention to the needs of your lover, and give as much as you are given. You would be glad that you did afterwards.


Your mind seems to be working sharper than usual this weekend, and it would be easy for you to solve problems that people ask your opinion of. But be careful when giving any advice concerning money. An occasional comment from someone in your social circles could hurt your feelings, but you should stay strong and not pay much attention. A disagreement within your family could bring to the forefront your tendency to be protective.


There’s someone who you always have thought as a good friend and who now seems to want to be something more. Be kind even if you are not interested in the proposition. A sudden improvement in your finances could make you think seriously about realizing a long-standing dream. But you should keep your feet firmly to the ground. Money is important to you, and having it a little more does not change the equation.


This time of the year is romantic, perhaps because the days are a little shorter and the nights longer. Erotic vibes are in the air this weekend, and certain people are now trying to grab your attention. You want security and someone older than you could now catch your attention, mostly because the aura of wisdom increases with age. Your thoughts are not quite present, and something is bothering you. But don’t worry it’ll be all right.


Approaching holidays are exciting you, and also make you feel good. When in good mood you could reveal something that you could regret later. Remember that secrets are meant to be kept. Being sensitive to the feelings of your companion will strengthen the bonds between you, and would show how much you really care. There’s something that’s bothering you and you really can’t do much about. The only solution is to wait it out.


A person who’s been infatuated with you for some time could open up this weekend. If you are not interested, you must be polite and show sensitivity. A surprise meeting with an older friend makes you think about your future, and especially whether you are on the right path. You also have a desire to keep everything from people close to you, and instead retire into your own secret world. You could enjoy it, but sometimes you have to open up a little.

01:57 22 May , 2024