Dec 18 ~ 24


This is a good week for your love life. Those who are looking for a new romance would do best waiting discreetly and with patience. Otherwise, the next few days promise to be somewhat uneventful. Treat yourself to a nice gift, and have plenty of rest. You can expect to get some criticism from a friend for looking for faults in others. Although you can’t expect any major money to come your way soon, your finances are starting to stabilize.


Children are now your best friends and some of them could even call you their idol. You have a positive outlook in love and friends want to seek your company. A very demanding workweek is waiting for you, but you can handle every task easily. Even though you have to work hard your positive, happy and contend attitude helps. This should be a good time for major business decisions that will affect your fortunes in the long run.


You can look forward to a peaceful and nice weekend, but thoughts of getting into a new romantic relationship could begin to take shape for those who are single. Think carefully before you make the change. Your workload could feel quite heavy right now, but although you probably can’t expect to see any increase in your earnings in the immediate future, the rewards are definitely on the way and worth your effort. Gambling would not be a good idea.


This week you should be diplomatic and think before you speak, especially, when you have a conversation with your lover. You are well-liked in your social circles, and you might want to organize a party. You can expect someone to approach you wanting to borrow money. If you decide to go along with it, be sure to get everything written down on a paper. Of course, the safest bet is to leave the money in your purse.


You can expect one of your friends to surprise you with a message that is sure to get your mind racing. You have to think carefully about your answer, as there is a very serious question arising behind the light tone of the message. Luckily the matter that all this concerns is not very serious in the long run, although the immediate consequences could seem considerable. The weekend could give you a chance to make someone very happy.


The weekend for you seems like flowers and dance, as it’s indeed likely that someone invites you to a nice party. Just go and enjoy being a desired guest. You have a loving and sweet way of conducting yourself, and people feel comfortable with you. Information given earlier to you about your work could become reality next week. It makes you happy and gives you hope for a better future. You can’t expect much from any games of luck just now.


Kind words and positive smiles are coming to your way now. Making a short trip could invite an unexpected romance. You’re like a shining sun at your work and the provider of inspiration to everybody. You should use this time to engage in some activity that would benefit yourself as well. Try to detach yourself from your everyday activities and come up with something different. It would be a good idea to spend extra time with your lover, too.


Those who engage in financial transactions should have a positive week. Changes are that you will find more information about a matter of great interest to you over the weekend than you had ever expected. It also means that you’ll have to think about your future course of action, as many things will look different from now on. There could be some useful ideas in your usually unrealistic dreams, but you have to be selective.


This weekend many people are clearly ready to show their love to you, and especially your smile is enough to bring you success. So be yourself and smile as much as you can. Everything seems to be one big mess in your work. Be cautious not to make a mistake because everything is now at a critical point. You can have a change to increase your income now. It could come through the nice ideas you can create if you give yourself time to think them through.


A friend of yours must truly appreciate your efforts but may be too shy to show it in public. Nothing seems to get you in a bad mood now, and you will find easy solutions to most of your work. If you want to try your luck in a game this would be the time to do it. Now that you have gotten to know your lover you have to admit that that it was better to listen to your heart than believe in your first impression. You should show your appreciation.


It’s best to be stubborn in matters of love now. You can find happiness by believing in your own desires. Some kind of volunteer work will attract your interest. It could also bring you more success in your daily work. Someone could give you a nice offer to go on a trip, but you have to decide quickly if you can afford such an offer. There’s a friend whose actions you don’t approve, so you have to decide what to do about the situation.


It’s easy for you to get lured into an argument this weekend, or the very least you’ll find yourself bringing your opinions to the forefront too aggressively. This will settle down later, but some bad feelings may linger. Later there will be time to relax and find time to spend quality time with your family and friends. You might have a problem to arrange your schedule in a way that keeps everyone in your family happy, and suits your needs, too.

05:39 17 Apr , 2024