Dec 25 ~ 31


As the year winds down and 2015 is almost ready to begin, you find yourself full of life and more popular than ever because of your natural attractiveness. A romance could also be in the cards for those who are single. Setting your goals higher than usual would bring good results. This weekend you are almost impossible to resist but be sure not to give promises that you are not able to keep. In any case, you can look forward to a good start of 2015.


You should do something bold to show your family and friends that you care, even if you are very busy. You can expect to hear an unusual proposal from one of your friends regardless that you already have made it clear that you are not interested. The way to get through this is to keep your sense of humor whatever happens. This is not the right time to be too modest, either. Be ready to show what you are made of and that you can deliver.


There’s someone who has had your eye for some time, but who does not seem to be interested and does not respond to your feelings. You must give that person a chance to exit the situation tactfully, as it’s clear that this is not the right time. A light approach is best in most situations. Your friends are not willing to engage in deep conversations with you now. Remember that everything has its right time and place, so you have to be patient.


The life is full of surprises, and the days leading to the New Year seem to have more than their share of them. There’s someone who wants to rebuild your relationship, but the question is do you, or did you, expect that to happen? Although you have talked much about some vacation that is approaching, nothing is going to happen unless you make your intentions more clear. You lover is also waiting for your answer to an important question.


You should check your calendar and make sure that you have not made an appointment twice for the same day and time. This would help you to avoid making apologies and hurting feelings. Someone, who you have admired for a long time is finally showing you green light, and is eagerly waiting for your answer. And although your calendar is very busy, make sure you reserve some time for love and romance.


You should be ready to show your feelings openly. Admiring someone from a distance might be romantic but not very sensible if you want to see results. Why would you limit your chances in such an old-fashioned way? Let everyone see the side of you that cares. You can also improve your confidence by using people skills that you have but have almost forgotten. A message you get, does not delight you much, but there’s truth in it, too.


Now is the time to get everything ready to welcome the New Year. Make sure that you have your schedule in order, and also reserve some time to yourself. You should seek the company of people who know how to relax. Uptight folks only get you in a bad mood. There’s something that you have succeeded to do very well. It will give you a boost, and that’s what you need, especially at the beginning of the new year when this becomes really timely.


People around you will find it easy be in your company as you try to find a humorous and light side in about everything. You should enjoy that you are able to make everything seem easy, and at the same time, take some of the burden off from your friends’ shoulders. You could find yourself in a quite peculiar situation that you had not expected at all, especially regarding the person who’s at the center of it. You have to correct the situation somehow.


Combining fun and work is not very unusual, but a proposal from one of your colleagues could take you by surprise. Take it with humor, but forget any thoughts about flirting. The more flexible you can be over the New Year holidays, the more respect you gain. Be ready for some changes at the last minute, though. Although you are rather disappointed with one of your friends, there’s not much you can do about it now. Just let it be.


A recent discussion about future plans requires some action, Try to spend time with your family, preferably doing something special. Are you considering declining an invitation you received? You should think again. In order for you to enjoy this time of the year to the fullest, you should be a little more open to various experiences. The worst that can happen to you is to sit own and do nothing. Inactivity is not your piece of cake.


You have a passion to a certain activity that is very important to your friends, too. Would you like to ask something important? Timing is everything, so think carefully. Especially matters concerning feelings always pose risks, and the question is, are you sure yourself, and do you have the guts. There is something that you have procrastinated too long with, and the time to make a decision one way or another is now. Follow your heart with this.


You should beware of a person who’s wasting your time. Is this person asking more than is reasonable? Be polite but firm. You should talk about your plans for the future with those who are the dearest to you, and listen to their reactions. Maybe you can get a new angle that sets your thoughts on the right path. Your life is about to turn onto a new page, and you can be very satisfied with what you find. Almost everything is going the way you had planned.

17:29 21 Apr , 2024