Man suspected of stabbing wife found dead in Ozato

The 65-year-old husband, who was suspected of an attempted murder of his elderly wife, was found dead in a bush on a mountain in Ozato, Nanjo City.

According to Yonabaru Police the man allegedly stabbed his wife in the stomach with a kitchen knife in their apartment in Haebaru on Dec. 1st, and then disappeared. The couple’s son found the mother kying on the floor and called the police.

Yonabaru Police say that it seems that the husband likely committed suicide.  Investigators plan to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.  A police officer found the suspect’s car on a mountain road in Ozato, Saturday, and shortly after discovered the body near the spot he found the car.

Police was looking for the husband who was the prime suspect the case.  The wife who’s in her 70’s was stabbed in the stomach several times.  She is hospitalized, however, her injuries are not life threatening.

02:12 31 May , 2024