Marine Major suspect in Okinawa City hit and run case

Okinawa police said Wednesday a U.S. Marine is the suspect of a hit-and-run incident in Okinawa City last Thursday that left a 67-year-old Seiki Kamimura seriously injured.

Police say the suspect is 40-year-old Maj. John Jeonghoon Ahn from Camp Courtney. Ahn was questioned voluntarily at Okinawa City Police station and admitted to the accusation. He reportedly told investigators that he left the scene because he got scared.

Police are planning to submit the case to public prosecutors on charges of negligent driving resulting in injury and a hit-and-run. Ahn is currently in U.S. military custody, and would likely to be turned over to Japanese authorities once he is indicted. The Japanese police did not ask the immediate custody of Ahn following his confessions as they see it’s no likely that he would escape the country.

The police conducted the interview with Ahn after examining a broken side mirror left in the accident site and surveillance camera footage that linked the accident to his car.

Kamimura is still in the hospital where he remains unconscious.

15:03 25 May , 2024