Marine questioned in suspected hit-and-run in Okinawa City

A 67-year-old man was found lying on the ground unconscious near an intersection in Okinawa City Thursday morning. As the man’s mini motorcycle was lying on its side near the man, police are suspecting he was a victim of a hit and run accident.

The U.S. Military Police has reportedly questioned a Marine to see if he was involved in the accident, while Okinawa City Police are conducting their own investigation.

The military police involvement in the investigation came to light after the U.S. Military informed the Japanese Foreign Ministry of their investigation, who then passed the information to Okinawa Prefecture Police.

Police has questioned the marine on a voluntary basis as a primary witness to the accident. According to Prefecture Police officials, investigators have identified about a dozen vehicles that passed through the site of the accident, including the car that the witness drove at that time.

Investigators have found broken pieces of a car at the site that are believed to match the car of the Marine.

The Prefecture Police has reportedly asked cooperation from the U.S. military in the investigation.

The victim was unconscious and bleeding from his head when found. He was taken to a hospital where he remains unconscious with head injuries.

18:12 17 Apr , 2024