Naha rush hour traffic slowest in Japan

The truth of what many are complaining about has finally been confirmed. Traffic in Naha during morning and evening rush hours moves the slowest in Japan.

According to data collected by Okinawa Prefecture General Bureau the traffic on streets in Naha City during rush hours on weekdays between 7 and 8 a.m. and 6 and 7 p.m. crawls ahead only at 16.9 km/h according to data from 2012. For the survey the Okinawa General Bureau collected a large amount of data on 30,000 cars’ navigation information including location and time each day for one year.

The second worst place is in the 23 wards of Tokyo where the traffic moves 19.3 kph followed by Osaka at 19.5 kph. The number of vehicles on Okinawa was about 1,026,000 as of the end of the fiscal 2012. The number has increased by about 150,000 cars in a decade. The number of rental cars on the island has tripled to 25,464 compared to the fiscal 2000.

01:50 22 May , 2024