New Yuirail station names, coloring and other details finalized

Okinawa Urban Monorail Co. announced, Dec. 26, the names of four new stations to be built along the planned extension of the monorail line.

The new stations are Ishimine, Kyozuka, Urasoe Maeda and Tedako Uranishi. In addition to the names, the company decided colors, texture patterns and design of each station, and also the chime melody that will sound when a Yuirail train arrives at each station.

As for the colors, Ishimine station in the Shuri area will be red because it’s the color of the Shuri Castle. The other three stations will be purple because, before Shuri became the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom, the kings resided in Urasoe and their residences were, according to historians, colored purple.

11:17 15 Apr , 2024