Outgoing Governor defends his decisions on last day in job

Outgoing Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima completed his last day in the office, Monday, as he finished his two terms as the governor for the last eight years.

Nakaima started his last day by holding a press conference at the Prefectural Office at 10 a.m. and began with expressing his appreciation for people’s cooperation with his administration during his tenure in the office.  He then went on to again stress the validity of his decision to approve the landfill permit for the base construction in Henoko. He insisted that his controversial decision last December was not wrong.

Nakaima had also approved two of the three requested changes to the landfill plan just four days before he finished his term, and made a counter-argument saying he takes a complete responsibility as a governor for the approvals according to the law.  He said, “I feel strongly I’m on the right way to solve the problem with the new base construction in Henoko.  We need to think and carry on the government business realistically.”  He added that, “The Futenma issue will be dealt with, and considered by the next governor. However, the risk and burden posed by the current Futenma location shouldn’t be allowed to continue as is. Nothing will be resolved if you just say ’No’.”

19:37 16 Apr , 2024