Uruma to brand city’s agricultural, fishery products

Uruma City officials have announced a plan to build an agricultural and fishery products’ hub facility in the city.

The aim is to create an ‘Uruma’ brand, and city officials say the new center is scheduled to start operating in fiscal 2017.  The planned construction site is in Maehara, Uruma City, next to Yamada Denki Techland Gushikawa, on Route 33. The facility is planned to have a farm and marine produce market and a restaurant that would utilize local fresh produce. In addition, the facility would also house a multipurpose center.

The gross area of the site is about 13,206 square meters. The multipurpose center is planned for use as a training facility for people in the agricultural and fishery business.  Uruma City aims at branding local agricultural products like mango, okra and kidney beans.

23:11 23 Jul , 2024