Airlines announce new routes, changes for summer season

Two Low Cost Carriers and All Nippon Airways (ANA) have announced new flights and cancellation of one route between destinations in Okinawa and mainland cities. The changes are for fights between March and October.

ANA will restart the limited summer flights between Miyako and Kansai from June 1st. From March 29th, LLC Solaseed Air will start two new routes between Nagoya and Naha, and Naha and Ishigaki, and Jetstar Japan will start a new flight between Nagoya and Naha from the same day.

ANA will open direct flights between Miyako Island and Kansai for the first time since 2006. The flight is scheduled to run one round trip a day. ANA will also increase its current service between Naha and Ishigaki to two round trips per day through Oct. 24th, and flights between Naha and Haneda in Tokyo, and Naha and Itami in Osaka, will increase by one round trip per day.  ANA will restart the route between Ishigaki and Fukuoka that is closed currently.

ANA has also announced that it would strengthen its partnership with Solaseed Air, and increase routes with code sharing. That means that some flights will be cut back.  The service between Naha and Kagoshima will be closed.

Solaseed Air is scheduled to run one round trip per day between Nagoya and Naha, and two round trips between Ishigaki and Naha for the first time.

Jetstar Japan will be the first LCC to open a route between Nagoya and Naha with one round trip per day starting Mar. 29th. To celebrate the inauguration of the new route, the company has set a sale price of ¥900 for one way between Nagoya and Naha. The company says it will increase the flight service between Kansai and Naha in order to improve its Okinawa related service.

13:33 14 Jul , 2024