Airman arrested on Jan. 1st on suspicion of trespassing

Okinawa City Police arrested a 23-year-old Technical Sergeant stationed on Kadena Air Base on suspicion of trespassing into an apartment in Okinawa City.

According to police, TSgt. Joseph Stead entered into a private apartment in Okinawa City about 4:00 in the morning of Jan. 1st. A 41-year-old construction worker who lives in the apartment says that he woke up when Stead’s cell phone went off, and realized that Stead was asleep next to him. He then called the police.

When police arrived and arrested Stead, he reportedly said that, “This is wrong.” and denied the charge.  However, police said that Stead had a strong smell of alcohol, and he rejected a breathalyzer test.

Investigators presume that Joseph entered the apartment through the unlocked entrance.

  • bob

    all I know is that if he did this in the US, he wouldn’t be talking at least to the living

10:20 23 Jun , 2024