Artworks invited to annual Okiten exhibition

Organizers of  ‘Okiten’, one of the biggest comprehensive fine-arts exhibitions on Okinawa, started, on Jan. 20, inviting applications for entries to the event for works including paintings, block prints, carvings, graphic designs, photographs, handicrafts and more.

A local newspaper company of Okinawa Times sponsors the annual event. An event announcing the start of the invitation was held at the Times Gallery on the second floor of Okinawa Times building in Kumoji, Naha. Details are available in Japanese on Okinawa Times’ web page at and on the phone at 098-860-3588.

Applications will be accepted from through January 24th. The Okiten exhibition will take place from Mar. 21st through Apr. 5th at Urasoe Civic Gymnasium.  On the very first day, many people brought their works.

12:26 13 Jun , 2024