Fast food restaurants plagued by unwanted “ingredients”

Reported food contamination incidents in fast food restaurants have been a too often occurring news lately across the country.

In Okinawa, according to the Okinawa Prefecture Government, about eight-millimeter-long foreign object that looked like a melted piece of vinyl was discovered in a chicken and egg muffin in a McDonald’s restaurant on Highway 58 in Kuwae, Chatan Town, last November.  The test results showed that the object was plastic, either polypropylene or polyethylene.

Following to the incident in Chatan, another incident was revealed at McDonald’s Shuri Ryubo store in Naha.

According to MacDonald’s officials, a woman bought a double cheeseburger on Dec. 17th, and a member of her family noticed a white, about three-centimeter long piece of Styrofoam in the burger.  No health damage has been reported regarding either incident.

In addition to McDonald’s, Yoshinoya that is a nation-wide restaurant chain specializing in Gyudon meat bowl meals, a customer discovered a 2 or 3-centimeter-long dead worm in his dish of Taco Rice in Yoshinoya store on Route 330 in Ganeko, Ginowan.

According to Yoshinoya officials in Naha, the worm had been in the lettuce that topped the Taco Rice that was ordered by a 20-year-old man on Jan. 7th.  The lettuce was delivered to the restaurant by a company related factory in Itoman City. The result of the company investigation concluded that somehow the cleaning process had failed to remove the worm.

00:10 23 Jul , 2024