Golden Kings join forces with NPO against breast cancer

Ryukyu Golden Kings and NPO Pink Panther, an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer and supporting breast cancer patients, are joining forces by staging a ‘Ladies Weekend’ at Golden Kings’ game against Bambitious Nara at Okinawa City Gym this weekend.

The aim of the event is to enhance Pink Panther’s breast cancer awareness activities, and urge public to take breast cancer tests.

For both weekend games, non-reserved seat tickets for women who are high school students or older, will be discounted to ¥1,000 that is half of the regular price. Pink Panther will set up a special booth at the venue for consultation and information of breast cancer.

This collaboration started five years ago.  Yoshiharu Matsubara, a member of the sales staff of the Kings organization says, “Half of the Kings’ fans are women.  There are probably many women of all ages who are likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime. We want our male fans also to know of the existence and availability of the breast cancer test.”

09:46 23 Jun , 2024