Jan. 29 ~ Feb. 4


The next few days seem to be full of surprises, and you could even have a good change for a new beginning. So much is happening around you that you might have trouble of noticing every sign and possibility that arises. Listening to people around you would help you find the right direction easily. But there’s also a chance that you get so busy that reaching your near-future goals could be delayed. You must take that into account when making plans.


You are floating in between two alternatives this weekend. On one hand, you would like to have some peace and quiet, on the other you also want to have some fun and let loose. Your strong determination makes personal changes possible, and once you set your goals, you only have to give things a little push and they will proceed to the direction you want. Something that ahs troubled you since the New Year is becoming clear, so you can deal with it.


You should continue to seek the company of people who share your worldview. A new fresh start with new friends and acquaintances would open you a new window to your future. There are many things you are able to change, and even small changes to your routines could positively feed your enthusiasm. Something that is not quite acute is bothering you, and you can’t get that from your mind. Try to look this with as open mind as possible.


You have to try to understand that not everyone appreciates your skills and hard work, but that is no excuse for you to think less about yourself. Instead, you have to be brave. Where would you like to be in two years? Set yourself exact goals and keep them tightly in our sights. You may have a tendency to be too helpful with your friends or colleagues to the detriment of your own needs. Remember that you are the person you have to live with all the time.


You should take time to ponder different possibilities you would like to and could do during the next six months. Maybe you would like to travel or improve your education, or maybe it could be possible to combine the two. Go through your hopes and dreams, and think what could be possible to make true, and then go for it. Romance is knocking on your door, but for some reason you aren’t sure if you want to open it. However, only you can decide.


Matters related to relationships and even money could turn out to be complicated in the near future. You are expected to be discreet, and if you want to have long-lasting understanding from those around you, you have to be completely honest. Maybe your partner has some ideas that could help your with your problems. Chances are that you will come to the conclusion that there indeed are some aspects in your life that need to change.


You can look forward to close cooperation with your partner or colleagues that will be effective and result in some fine outcomes. Be ready to keep your eyes, and especially your ears open. Because of the weak aspect of planet Mars to your energy level, you could experience periods of apathy, but those will pass quickly if you remember to keep a proper balance between your work, rest and physical activity, especially spending time outdoors.


Your energy level is very high, so much so that some people and family members could ask you to slow down. Especially, at your work you should pay close attention to what you say in order to avoid regrets later on. You can expect some problems to surface, but they are not necessarily your own doing. Someone else could need your help and expertise, though. You have a tendency to do things in a little wrong order, and you should avoid that.


You can expect surprises and uplifting encounters. Now you should give plenty of your time to others, and offer to help whenever needed. This would assure rich rewards pretty soon. If you are waiting to find a romance, you can be sure that when it arrives, the whole world will notice. You should forget suspicions as that won’t get you anywhere. You are the one who builds your own happiness. Straight forward is the best way now, including in love.


Initiative and joy are the two keywords this weekend that should be in the forefront in your mind. You have plenty of new ideas bubbling in your head, but in order to build something on those ideas, you have to find time to concentrate and put together a concrete plan. It’s important to have these quiet uninterrupted moments, so you can build the necessary bridges between your dreams and reality. And let the others to worry about their problems.


There are several changes and reforms that you have to act on, if you want to progress towards your goals. Remember that even though it’s impossible to accomplish everything at the same time, everything has its value. Plans that you push back always come back when their turn comes. You could meet someone this weekend whose company you really enjoy, as the person knows how to make you smile and laugh. This could be a start of something special.


It’s high time that you pay attention to your finances. You have probably pushed much of to the back of your mind, but if you take a handle of the problems now, you can clear the mess in no time. Quality time with your lover in a private setting would be good for your relationship. Do not underestimate the importance of time spent just two of you together. Something clever is brewing in your mind that will become clear over this weekend.

13:47 14 Jul , 2024