Jan. 1 ~ 7


As the year turns into a new one, something is bothering you. You know what it is, but to resolve the matter, you should contact the person who is behind it in order to be sure. You should pay close attention to communication with your friends as the effects of planet Mars in January could easily cause misunderstandings. Only you can give yourself enough space, and you have to be ready to change the rhythm of your life.


Venus and moon are now creating harmony at the emotional level that allows you to relax and take it easy for the first week of the year. If your love life is not in top shape, you have to work hard to show you really care. Be especially careful not to hurt your partner, as the confusion is mutual. Now is a good time to organize things that you have in your mind. One good way would be to write everything on paper, so everything becomes clear.


Many plans that you have made over the holidays don’t seem to work at all, and it’s easy to lose your patience. If you find that your time and resources are not enough to get everything done, you have to be ready to give up something. If you plan to visit friends, you should tell them openly what does not work and ask their advice. You should be ready to cancel decisions that everyone tells you are impossible to make to work. And you know that, too.


Now that the holidays are over limits and constrains you set to yourself are easing up a little. Anything you do and every result is borne from an idea, and you have plenty of them. If you feel some kind of hopelessness and fatigue, you will completely understand reasons for this over this weekend. It’s like a wall of fog disappearing and revealing you the truth about your current situation. After that your problems are easy to fix.


You have to listen to your inner feelings very carefully now. You could feel a sudden inspiration to hit you this weekend, and you should follow the wave of energy as far as it takes you. The most important point is to act fast as this chance does not wait forever but disappears as quickly as it comes. Your mind is now in a very creative stage, and it would benefit you to try everything that comes to your way. Be brave and not afraid of risks.


Although many people around you are quite nervous and rather easily lose their temper, you are not suffering of such symptoms but are able to stay abreast everything that happens. It’s now easy for your to solve problems that come your way, but you have to proceed slow enough to be able to turn your thoughts into words, and then follow your own advice. Those coming to you for an advice really appreciate your insights and honest opinions.


Someone is trying to coach you into something you don’t want to do. However, you can smell a fraud a mile away, and you just have to raise enough ruckus to find out what is going on. If you don’t feel any problem anywhere close to you, you can be sure there is none. You need a little more space around you than normal, and you have to be ready to change everything that gives you a hard time. Just make sure you don’t have to accomplish anything in a hurry.


The relationship with your partner could be in for a test this weekend, and you could find faults that you can’t accept. It would not work to put the blame solely on your partner’s shoulders, though. After all, that’s the person you fell in love with. You must avoid becoming impatient and trying to push ahead even though many of your plans and ideas don’t work the way you intended. Losing your patience only prevents the creation of new ideas.


You can expect to be in a good mood this weekend, and when someone asks you for a reason, just say that you are celebrating your life and appreciating the existence of many friends. It’s also easy for you to see the big picture at this time, and you should take advantage of that by making quick decisions following your intuition. It does not matter if someone dos not agree with you, that’s to be expected. You can expect good rewards to follow in the long run.


This weekend promises to be quiet and relaxing, and that’s a positive situation considering your current situation. A romance could wait just around the corner for those who are single, while people in a relationship could be in for a pleasant surprise. Someone could have an important piece of news to tell you that you are not supposed to know yet, but the messenger reveals by accident. But that does not diminish the impact of the matter.


There’s someone whose actions over the New Year holidays do not please you, but you have no obligation to follow this person. Instead, it’s easy for you to convince everyone else why just you are the right person to be in charge. You have much to gain, as you want to make the world a better place. Your search is over, and you have found your place, at least for now. That brings you warm and safe feelings that you want to share with as many as possible.


Some things are proceeding so smooth now that it almost makes you believe in miracles. You don’t have to labor alone by yourself, as many people are ready to give you a helping hand. You can also expect to discover a new trait in yourself that has been hidden before. You also discover that you have extra energy that you could use to help other people. Someone wants to be closer to you now, and that feels good. Actually, you have missed it.

04:54 17 Apr , 2024