Jan. 15 ~ 21


At this time of the year, it’s easy to feel tired and insecure, but this should not be your problem now. Because of a strong influence of planet Saturn, you should find it easy to concentrate on tasks at hand, and your social life is bound to be busy for the foreseeable future. Romance is also coming to the picture. Do not be surprised, though, if you find the road a little bumpy at some unexpected small spots, and for that you can blame on the full moon.


Everyone seems to want to have a piece of your time, and you are being dragged to many directions. Your lover would like to ask you something, but a little encouragement might be in order. And you don’t have to be afraid that you should have an answer immediately. You have plenty to do ahead, but at the same time, that will only inspire you to try harder. Be ready to make at least one of your dreams some true this week, but in your own way.


Would it be possible that you could meet someone really special over the next few days? This is now very likely. You imagination and creativity are at their peak this weekend, and so is your level of energy, which you can utilize to your advantage in many different ways. You are in an exceptionally open mood, and your ability to create new ideas is surprising even to yourself. But if you enter into an argument, do not hesitate to state your honest opinion.


You are now ready to take a step forward using all of your experience and skills to the fullest. In discussions with others you should keep a level head and see things from many angles. You are easy to communicate with, and a little humor injected into a conversation does not cause any problems. Someone is going to make you a very attractive proposal, but you don’t seem to be able to decide whether you should go along. Trust in yourself on this.


Did you have too many parties over the New Year? Now could be a right time to take a rest and relax. Starting a period of healthy living would not be a bad idea, either. Listen to your inner voice when you face a new situation, and try to get rid of old unnecessary junk in you house. Your emotional energy is pushing you to make some changes concerning your position or work, but those will be well received by those higher on the totem pole.


This weekend you are in a romantic and mellow mood. Make sure that you are able to spend the weekend with a person who’s important to you. You should thrive to use all of your personal strengths and possibilities that come to your way. This could mean a possible change of career or traveling to new and exiting places later this year. You should also be ready to listen to an advice from your best friend especially regarding some emotional question.


This weekend you could be a little tired, and some things seem to take more effort than usual. As next week starts your level of energy will rise. You should consider becoming a more active. Although this could seem a little contradictory, being physically active would lift your energies and inspire your mind. You should be a little careful with an ides someone is presenting you, as it’s too easy for you to promise more that you can deliver this time.


You may have felt lately that something is not complete. Whether it’s a relationship or plan, you know that the timing has to be right. Because of your patient nature, you will be able to sort it out and complete what has to be done. There could be a disappointment if you try to force your thinking on someone else. A better way is to leave it alone for now, and then return to the task later. It’s easier to get everything on the right track with time.


The next few days seem to be a challenge, but then everything changes to a joke, and you wonder if something went wrong although in a rather funny way. Once again your sense of humor works at the right moment. Even though you can expect a period full of love and good moments, make sure that you are proceeding in right direction. When you present a new idea, oral is better as you can trust on your talent to talk. Time to conclude a contract.


Upgrading ideas and expectations is exciting and enlightening. But your expectations about your future have changed as the time goes by, and you have to recognize that. Right words and matching deeds are the key, and in order to continue on the right path you should use your attractiveness and the expertise of others. This would be a good time to tell about your plans to some influential or powerful people who can really speed up your progress.


Do not see everything so seriously. It’s good for you to have good times with your friends. Planets are now on your side, and it’s the time to show others what you are capable of. Romance is present very strongly, and you should not be too modest, either. You have a very good handle on you life and a clear idea of what you want to do. Trust on your feelings in this. Many things will sort themselves out to your advantage but you have to take the first step.


You are on the right track and ready to take the next step. You need to feel free, and as you don’t have to expect any money problems, you can safely proceed with your plans. Possibilities seem to be endless, and you can choose with wisdom and care if you only keep in mind how your choices will affect your future. There’s something that has troubled you for some time, and you have to take on the task preferably sooner than later. You’ll be glad you did.

04:11 15 Jul , 2024