Jan. 22 ~ 28


Would it be possible that the change in your life that you have sought for some time could be only a mirage? This is definitely not the case, as there are many different trends taking place in the background that are invisible to you. Just continue to be flexible, helpful and properly curious, and you will find the necessary answers. If you have a chance to take a trip you should do so, as that would help you to see your life from a new perspective.


You have a desire to speed up the pace in your life. However, you must be careful not to walk over others people. You can reach much better results when you use soft touch, and trust on your brainpower more than on your temperament. Make sure you keep your feet firmly to the ground, and stay away from dreaming up some kind of fool’s paradise. Take into account your lover’s feelings in every step on the way as that ensures you are happy, too.


You have a clear picture in your head how you’d like everything happen, but that’s clearly not enough at this time. You need to write down a clear and logical step-by-step plan with a goal you can reach. Even a small step forward is positive. You are naturally against other people telling you what you should do in any given situation, but that could give out an impression of you being stubborn. A little softening of your opinions would be in order.


You have plenty of energy, and are most of the time in a good mood, and that attracts people. That also gives you a chance to show what you really can do. You could face a surprise that would give you memories that last a lifetime. Of course you want to share your happiness with those around you, and you will also see how easily everyone agrees with your opinions. You’ll hear words that are likely to stick with you and give you plenty to think about.


Your creativity and energy from plant Jupiter are lifting your spirits to new heights, but your problem is that from such a height it could be difficult to see what is going on below. In order to understand the situation you must return to the ground and pay close attention. You are likely notice that some strange and unusual things are happening among your circle of friends. Especially, you need to watch closely some small details to find the truth.


Now that you know what you really want, you have to figure out a way to reach your goal. Of course, people around you have their own opinion about this, but only your own opinion counts. Take your time as you have plenty of time and no reason to hurry. A person with a connection to your past could have the answer you are looking for. This could be important to you, but also could take a little bit time to resolve. It’s important to get started, though.


The life has been quite a balancing act recently, and that could have been at times uncomfortable and even confusing, but this weekend things are about to change. Whether it’s your love life that is in turmoil or financial trouble, you can expect it to turn for the better. It helps when you know what you need to do and where you are going. Help from a trusted outsider could also be a good idea. You help yourself best when you listen carefully.


Your life is now racing ahead in such a pace that your loved ones might have trouble hanging on. You should slow down so you could hear advice that those closest to you are giving. You could find someone with a lighter outlook of life rather dull first, but you should listen to the message this person is bringing. Maybe there’s something to it. Romance is the buzz word for you now and sparks could really fly, but listen to your inner feelings carefully.


Sometimes you miss more peaceful life as all the activity starts getting into your nerves. Then again, sometimes you enjoy being the hub of a party. There is a happy middle of the road somewhere, and you should spend a little time to find it now. You can expect fine romantic moments ahead, but they are likely not very long lasting this time. You have a strong inner intuition that you should harness to your advantage. Let your thoughts fly.


Your creativity puts you at times in conflict with your everyday life. Even small responsibilities can take a big chunk of your time. You must remember that this is your life and you have earned the right to have a little time of your own. Once you realize this, maybe you can remember this as the moment your life changed. It would be a good idea to stop fretting over something that happened in the distant past. Let it be and look at your future.


Just when you wanted to start anew, all kinds of old incidents seem to come back to challenge you. Although it would be good to separate your work from your home affairs, those two must be kept in balance. Sometimes managing your own life means taking care of the others especially when those others give you trouble. Although you agree with your lover in many ways, there is one small conflict in the background. Now would be a good time to resolve it once and for all.


This time it’s not necessary for you to go all out for an on-going project as things proceed smoothly without your interference, and many good and beneficial steps are taken in any case. Use your natural charm and sharp mind to win the members of your team to your side. Although you have always plenty of new ideas, you are at your sharpest just now thanks to planets Mars and Saturn. You should use their influence to the fullest.

20:48 14 Jul , 2024