Kadena Mayor re-elected to second term without vote

The incumbent Kadena Town Mayor was re-elected to a new term in office without a vote, as he was the only candidate for the post.

The Kadena Mayoral election was officially scheduled for this weekend. However, as no challenger to the current mayor, 62-year-old Hiroshi Toyama, emerged, he was elected to the post without a vote on Jan. 27th, the same day when his current term expired.

This is the second them for Toyama.  After he was declared the winner, Toyama said, “People of Kadena Town appreciate my vision of promoting Kadena.  I will tackle housing problems and work for the improvement of educational facilities. I will try my best for another four years.”

Toyama was born in Kadena on Dec. 22nd, 1952, and graduated from Ginoza High School.  He started to work in the Kadena Town office in 1973, and retired as the chief of general affairs in 2010.  Toyama won the mayor’ seat for his first four-year term in 2011.

04:10 15 Jun , 2024