Kariyushi Group to re-build its Naha hotel

Okinawan hotel operator Kariyushi Group has published a plan to demolish Okinawa Kariyushi Ryukyu Hotel Naha in Izumizaki, Naha, and rebuild it into a luxury hotel.

According to Kariyushi Group officials, the hotel name will change to ‘Okinawa Exes Naha.’  The aim of the plan is to lure wealthy customers. The new hotel is scheduled to open in July 2017.

The Okinawa Kariyushi Ryukyu Hotel Naha will be closed and torn down starting in September. The new hotel will be modeled after the luxury hotel ‘Spa Resort Exes’ that the company operates in Onna Village.  The new hotel will have eight floors with about 60 guest rooms, down from 113 rooms of the current Okinawa Kariyushi Ryukyu Hotel Naha. Instead, all rooms will be considerably larger, and in addition, some rooms on the top of the hotel will be “villa” style, each with a private pool.

Chokei Taira, the Kariyushi Group CEO, explained at a press conference that he see a demand for more luxury accommodation on Okinawa. “In Okinawa, the demand to meet the needs of wealthy overseas visitors is expected to increase in the future.  We have received requests from customers who stayed at Exes in Onna, telling us they also want stay in Naha area.  We can meet the needs of diverse customers by offering various types of hotels.”

07:27 18 Jun , 2024