Mini car plunges into sea, driver killed

A man drove his mini car into the ocean from a pier at Naha Port for so far unknown reason around midnight on Dec. 29th.

A passerby who had witnessed the incident called the police emergency number around midnight, and reported that a mini car had fallen into the sea at Naha Port in the Tondo district of Naha City.

A police patrol and fire station emergency rescue crew rushed to the scene and pulled about 60-year-old man out of the vehicle. The victim was taken to a hospital in a cardiopulmonary arrest, but the resuscitation efforts were not successful, and he was pronounced dead about 3:05.

The car was also pulled out from about 15-meter deep water. According to Naha Fire Department, the reason why the car plunged into the ocean has not been determined yet. The victim had no visible physical injuries, and the police continue to investigate the accident.

The spot where the car fell is inside the port area, and many fishermen come to the area daily.

19:32 14 Jul , 2024