Okinawa traffic death toll record low in 2014

As of Dec. 31st, 36 people had died in Okinawa in 2014 in traffic accidents. That marks the lowest number since 1947.

Previously, the lowest number was in 2012 when 40 people died because of traffic accidents. The National Police Agency keeps two kinds of statistics on traffic deaths; one counts deaths within 24 hours after an accident occurs, and the other within 30 days after accidents.

The figure above counts fatal accidents within 24 hours after accidents.  The highest number ever was 123 people in 1973. The number has since gradually declined.

According to police statistics, there were 6,134 traffic accidents in 2014 as of Dec. 28th, in which 7,344 people were injured.

04:57 15 Jul , 2024