Registration for Corporate Games continues

The Corporate Games arrive on Okinawa in early March, and the Jan. 26 deadline for registrations is fast approaching.

The unique series of sports events, which began in England and was staged in San Francisco in 1988, is making its debut in Okinawa March 5th ~ 8th.  Okinawa joins more than 170 cities that have held, or are holding, Corporate Games.  Organizers for the Okinawa Corporate Games are encouraging individuals, businesses and groups to band together and form teams.

Why?  There are plenty of advantages for companies, say the organizers.  The company name will be posted on game programs, boosting marketing.  Participation will create confidence and build a spirit of loyalty for staffs, and generate good teamwork between company management and employees. The games are the perfect opportunity to create new businesses or a chance to get new clients through sports, promote the company name, products or services, and bring up leaders with worldwide sports programs.  Not to be overlooked is the opportunity to create strong unity for organizations through sports, health, fitness and sun, while creating new relationships with domestic and foreign participants. There’s also the opportunity to create good will for the company through meetings and conferences surrounding the Corporate Games.

Dragon boat races will be one of the sports in Okinawa Corporate Games.

Organizations, or simply groups of friends, families, colleagues or corporations, may enter the Corporate Games.  The Corporate Games are open to all businesses and organizations, regardless of size.  The entry fee of ¥14,000 per person on a team includes a lot of perks.  Aside for the entry fee for the Super Center Celebration, Games Celebration, Grand Parade and closing award celebrations, it includes sports participation, insurance, official programs, souvenir gifts and medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

All the activities are coordinated at the Super Center to be set up at Okinawa Convention Center.

Many companies around the world are utilizing the Corporate Games as Incentive programs, for staff teamwork building, promotion at exhibitions, and through participation in cross-industrial exchange programs. For sponsors, promoting a team is perfect for setting up a company booth and promoting its products and services at the Super Center where almost 2,000 participants gather. Sponsors can get their company logo on official pamphlets, web site, registration forms, posters, and sponsor boards. Registration is free.

For individuals, joining the Corporate Games provides the experience to play games against other teams, prefectures or foreign players, not to mention a superb opportunity to form personal networks.

Fifteen sports are included in the upcoming Corporate Games in Okinawa.  Badminton takes place at the Ginowan City Gym, Basketball at Okinawa International University, Beach Soccer at Araha Beach Chatan, Beach Volleyball at Sunset Beach Chatan, Dragon Boat Races at Hamakawa Fishing Port, Futsal at Okinawa International University, Golf at Chura Orchard Golf Club in Onna Village and Orion Arashiyama Golf Club in Nakajin Village, and Running at Ginowan Seaside Park.  Other events, include Soccer at Chatan Athletic Stadium and Urasoe Athletic Field, Softball at Chatan Softball Stadium, Swimming at Araha Beach, Table Tennisat Ginowan City Gym, Tennis at Chatan and Ginowan courts, Tenpin Bowling at Chatan Bowl, and Volleyball at the Ginowan Works Athletic Center.

Singles and team events are scheduled for both women and men, in all classes.  Entry Forms are available online at

03:16 15 Jun , 2024