Teacher becomes bully instead of giving support

An Uruma City elementary school has admitted that a teacher in the school repeatedly bullied a boy in his class causing the student to start showing physical symptoms and becoming unable to attend the school.

According to school officials, the male teacher who’s in his 40s and works in the Uruma City school for some reason took dislike of a boy in his class and began to bully him.  The teacher reportedly called the student by a discriminatory name and painted text on his face between last April and October. The principal of the school admits, “We acknowledge that this bulling by the teacher took place.”

The Uruma City Board of Education held a meeting on Jan. 21st, and the school organized a meeting with parents, and apologized.  According to school officials, the student had complained to the teacher about being harassed, like other students hiding his shoes while he was in the class.  However, the teacher did not deal with the problem nor did he support him.  Instead, he gave the boy a discriminatory name and was calling him by the name in front of other students.

The school finally understood the problem last October after the boy’s parents contacted school officials, and the boy had several counseling sessions with the school counselor.

During the time he was bullied, the boy started to hurt himself, like scratching his body so hard that he started bleeding, and developed other symptoms like vomiting. He also had repeated fevers appearing since last November.  Now the boy cannot go to school, and is reportedly losing his mental balance.

The teacher has also taken a sick leave since November.

  • ewacloser

    This so called teacher is still employed by the school?

  • bob

    this problem lies not only with the teacher but the administration not acting on behalf of the parents while the abuse continued.

11:36 04 Mar , 2024