Number of year end air travelers decreases slightly

The five airline companies that operate domestic flight services to and from Okinawa have released their boarding utilization statistics at the year-end and during the New Year holidays.

The total number of passengers during the period decreased 0.6% to 731,881 people.  The Japan Airlines, JAL, saw a decrease of 2.6% to 146,381 passengers. As for a reason, a company spokesman said the company has suspended the service between Naha and Narita, and downsized its aircraft flying between Naha and Haneda.

ANA, the All Nippon Airways, posted an increase of 1.8% to 358,578 passengers.  Passengers on JTA, the Japan Transocean Air, decreased 7.2 % to 129,281 people due to reduction of aircraft.

RAC, the Ryukyu Air Commuter and Skymark Airlines increased their passenger count 11.9% to 20,363 and 1.0% to 77,278 people respectively.

The number of passengers on routes connecting islands within Okinawa Prefecture was steady.

10:31 18 Jul , 2024