Two youths arrested for illegal entry into Kinser

Urasoe Police arrested two boys, an 18-year-old painter and a 17-year-old plaster worker, both from the southern part of the island, on suspicion of violating the Act on Special Measures Concerning Criminal Cases, on Jan. 5th.

According to Urasoe Police, at around 2:00 in the morning of Jan. 5th, a police patrol noticed the two boys riding on a motor cycle without a number plate, on Highway 58 at Makiminato, Urasoe City, and signaled them to stop.  Instead, the boys drove away from the police, and ran through the base gate into Camp Kinser.  Military Police found the boys on base, and turned them over to Urasoe Police.

When questioned, the boys said they “entered the base in order to get away from the police.” The boys were initially charged for trespassing into the base. They have admitted to the charges.

22:57 22 Jul , 2024