Variety of awards waiting for winners at Corporate Games Okinawa

Ceremonies opening the Corporate Games Okinawa are only six weeks away, as competing individuals, organizations and businesses gather on the island to participate in 15 different sports events.

The Okinawa rendition of the Corporate Games are the latest in the worldwide competitions that have involved businesses and individuals from more than 170 cities over the past decades. The games are March 5th ~ 8th on Okinawa, with venues in the Ginowan, Onna, Nakijin and Chatan.

Medals and prizes are awarded both to individuals and teams.

Medals and awards at the Corporate Games are a bit different than most sports competitions.  The biggest specialty for Corporate Games is “Point” and “Medal”. Athletes play each sport to earn their own points for team or for their own medals.  Game medals are awarded to 1st place to 3rd place players for each game. Medals will be awarded at each game venue after all game schedules are done.

Venue for runnning is Ginowan Seaside Park on Saturday and Sunday.

Game points will be awarded to each team in 1st to 8th place. If a sport is played by individuals, points will be award to each player. 1st place gets 8 points, 2nd gets 7 points, down to 8th getting a single point. Team sports get points times the number of players.

There are 4 types of Corporate Award titles and they will be award at Closing Games celebration.  The Sports Championship Award will be awarded to the team which gets the highest number of points in each game. The Medalist Award is awarded to the team which gets highest number points in the Corporate Games Okinawa.  A Sports for Life Ground Award goes to the company that has the highest number of

Golf takes place on Friday and Saturday, at Chura Orchad GC in Onna, and Orion Arashiyama CG in Nakijin.

players in the Corporate Games.

The Championship Division Award is presented to companies, which receive the highest numbers of points in each of the divisions: Division 1 is 1-5 players. Division 2 is 6-10 players. Division 3 is 11-20 players. Division 4 is 21-50 players. Division 5 is 51-100 players. Division 6 is 101-150 players. Division 7 is 151-200 players. Division 8 is 201-400 players. Division 9 is 401-600 players. And Division 10 is over 600 players.

The Corporate Games are not about only awards for teams or individuals, but also much more. For example, an award for a team, which is involving a

Open water swimming events concentrate on Araha Beach in Chatan.

lot of players is building team work or creating opportunity for promoting good health. Division Awards are available which create opportunities for many players to earn awards. There are some sports like tennis where a participant can enter both singles and doubles competition, making it possible to win and gain two medals.

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