Aguni Island experiences new record cold

Residents on Aguni, a small island about 60 kilometers west of Okinawa main island, experienced something unusual when they woke up Wednesday morning as the temperature on the island had dropped to 5.6 degrees centigrade (F42) that marks a new record low.

Okinawa Meteorological Observatory announced that on Aguni Island, the new record low temperature of 5.6°C was recorded at 6:50 a.m. on Feb. 11th.  The old record was 5.8°C ion Jan. 15th, 2010.

According to observatory officials, the day of the 11th was cloudless over Aguni in the morning due to an anticyclone high.  They explain that weak wind and radiation cooling phenomenon caused sharp decline in area temperature.

10:22 23 Jun , 2024