Corporate Games launch in Okinawa only weeks away

Ceremonies opening the Corporate Games Okinawa are two weeks away, as competing individuals, organizations and businesses gather on the island to participate in more than a dozen different sports events.

This Okinawa version of the Corporate Games is the latest in the worldwide competitions involving businesses and individuals from more than 170 cities over the past decades. The games are March 5th ~ 8th, with venues in the Ginowan, Onna, Nakijin and Chatan communities.

The Corporate Games Grand Parade is Saturday, March 7th, at Sunset Beach in Chatan.  The Grand Parade is open to the public.  The parade itself includes ceremonial pictures on Sunset Beach, followed by the athletes’ march, with each company’s individuals wearing their own original uniforms or costumes, as well as carrying flags and banners.

Participants create valuable contacts with each other during the games.

The cornerstones of the Corporate Games are the dozens of international companies that support and participate in the events.  The acclaim comes from around the globe. Parsons Brinckerhoff, an American construction management giant, says “we’ve been coming for a number of years now, and each time it is a great success.  It’s the perfect environment for gathering as a group of “Emerging Professionals”.  An Intel official glowed as he declared “based on feedback from participants, this yer was again a massive success, with 99 rating their overall experience as either Extremely Satisfied or Satisfied, with 96% saying their morale has increased”.

IBM wasted no time in reporting “the weekend has been a resounding success from IBM’s perspective, and we have received great feedback from the group”.  Not to be outdone, Vodafone chimed in “Just wanted to say wow. What an amazing weekend.  We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everybody who took part.  I’m almost sad that it’s over now, and already looking forward to next year.”

The games take place at venues in Ginowan, Onna, Nakijin and Chatan.  Fifteen sports are included in the upcoming Corporate Games in Okinawa.  Badminton takes place at the Ginowan City Gym, Basketball at Okinawa International University, Beach Soccer at Araha Beach Chatan, Beach Volleyball at Sunset Beach Chatan, Dragon Boat Races at Hamakawa Fishing Port, Futsal at Okinawa International University, Golf at Chura Orchard Golf Club in Onna Village and Orion Arashiyama Golf Club in Nakajin Village, and Running at Ginowan Seaside Park.

Other events include Soccer at Chatan Athletic Stadium and Urasoe Athletic Field, Softball at Chatan Softball Stadium, Swimming at Araha Beach, Table Tennisat Ginowan City Gym, Tennis at Chatan and Ginowan courts, Tenpin Bowling at Chatan Bowl, and Volleyball at the Ginowan Works Athletic Center.



21:36 24 Jun , 2024