Four more suspicious drum cans found in Okinawa City soccer field

Continuing digging on a soccer field in Okinawa City where suspicious drum cans were discovered earlier last year has yielded four more drum cans buried in the area years ago.

The cans found earlier have been confirmed to have high concentration of toxic dioxin, but what they were used to store originally has not been determined unequivocally, although some suspect that they had contained defoliant Agent Orange used during the Vietnam war.

The Okinawa Defense Bureau that is in charge of cleaning the area of any contamination and is excavating the soccer field for buried items found the additional four drum cans. According to officials, one of the four cans had a hole, and brown liquid was coming out of it giving out an odor. Investigators took samples of the liquid and soil around the area and are scheduled to analyze the samples.

The total number of drum cans that have been unearthed from the soccer field stands at 89 now.

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