Feb. 12 ~ 18


Many things in your life are proceeding quite fast but, in order to move them in the direction you want, you have to make an extra effort. A request for you to participate in something this weekend does not necessarily seem very attractive to you, but it could turn out to be valuable for you to agree. Pay close attention to details. A slip could prove to be costly. You should take a more positive attitude. Life is short, and you should not waste it to unnecessary worries.


You should get ready to give a push forward to your plans. Working better and more effectively at your job would pay you dividends sooner than you would think. You could have a small discord over the weekend regarding your love life but that is sure to blow over because of your natural charms. You should pay more attention to your physical activity and well being in general, as you can expect very active period of time ahead that requires plenty of energy.


Listen carefully to creative and spiritual persons in your circle of friends. They could have good advice to steer you to the right direction just now. Although you could have strong romantic feelings at this time, you should not forget practical matters in your life, either. Regarding your finances, the third week of the month could be the best for you in your current situation. But you have to make a proper plan first before rushing ahead with your new ideas.


You can expect strong support from your home front, and you are able to concentrate on the demands of your job. However, you should be careful not to convey to those close to you the idea that your work is more important than your personal and private life. You should also avoid taking on too many tasks, as results could be rather disappointing. And that would not be good for your future. You may need to ask for help to clear everything from your desk.


You should take your time to chart the best way ahead for you and then make a concrete plan to follow. There are some money related matters that you have to sort out, even if it looked like the best time to conclude an agreement would be later. Do not accept an offer you are going to get soon unless you are absolutely sure that it’s the best you can get. You may be wondering something about your love life, but you are able to turn many things around.


Be careful with your next move if it looks like your romance and money are going to get mixed. If possible, you should avoid major purchases before the end of the month, although you could end up making excuses if your hesitation makes others to wait. You could benefit if you could spend time with right kind of persons. Someone could say things that confuse you even when you know that you should take everything this person says with a grain of salt.


By granting more freedom to your colleagues could help to reduce the workload on your shoulders. If you are planning to have a trip, you should be ready for sudden changes, and that could prove to be very stressing. If you want to postpone the trip, you have to be tactful when you inform the others. In any case you have to stay alert and keep the strings firmly in your hands. Although you would like to retire into your own world, it is not possible at this time.


Your enthusiasm keeps your energy level high, but in order to keep that level you have to make sure that you are physically fit. Don’t panic even though your love life would seem to come to a standstill at this time. The situation is going to improve by itself towards the end of the month. And on the other hand, your money situation should see a steady improvement. You should stay neutral in a dispute you are likely to be dragged into over the weekend.


People around you can easily get an impression about you that you are “in love with love.” As you are naturally romantic you have a tendency to see only the good side of everyone around you. This time you should try to combine work and fun. You could be a little nervous about this, but at least you should try. You have to be flexible regarding one of your principles, although you are not asked to give it up altogether. After a while you will see that you did right.


If you feel that something in your life is not as steady as it should be, you might have to make an extra effort to correct the situation. You may resist, but the reward attracts. You are in a delicate but at the same time receptive mood this weekend. Try to steer away from conflict as those are also present, and especially you should pay attention to your money. You have managed a difficult situation very well, and you can now move on and stop fretting about it.


Try to keep up your lover’s enthusiasm by planning together how you are going to spend time together in the coming weeks and months. This would make your time together more enjoyable. Keep calm if you feel that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Show the person that you’re disappointed but tone down your angry thoughts. One of your friends is trying to get your ear and convince you to join forces in something. That would not be very clever move now.


If you are experiencing a delay in you plans or rocky times in your love life, those will be gone by the end of the month. You should dedicate this weekend to spending time with your family. You might wonder the situation you find yourself in. It could be only briefly, but it confuses you pretty much. You should allow love to bring extra energy into your life. Love is something you have plenty of around, if you only open your eyes and are willing to see it.

07:39 18 Jun , 2024