Feb. 19 ~ 25


It’s almost a universal trait in us humans to want to be close to another person. Even then some of us think it’s more trouble than it’s worth doing something about it. If you have had a bad experience in your past, don’t let that spoil your future. Being close to another takes trust, and perhaps you have to work on it to build it up again. Do not give up, but fight. You understand that sometimes it does not pay to try to warm up old, so move on.


This is a romantic period in your life, and that makes you think with whom you would like to be and why. Expectations of others do not always meet your needs. You may be in for a surprise. It could stun you and make you to want to back off, but don’t refuse before you are sure that you know and understand what and whom you are dealing with. You must not let your feelings to override you, but instead, keep your feet firmly to he ground.


This weekend promises to be rather quiet and peaceful giving you time to think your situation thoroughly. Some temptations are on the horizon, but your good imagination and trust by your loved ones and friends will help you to create better and more fun life for your family and yourself. Stay firm with your personal relationships, even if it seems to be a little difficult just now. You should be able to find the golden middle of the road to help you.


There are many questions that come to your mind over the next few days. Is your relationship steady, how’s your work going to be, should you bet on a chance? Anything is possible, but in the end it all depends on the strength of your own will. Unrealistic ideas and dreams could easily push you to excesses that would be difficult to fix. It could be a good idea to present your thoughts to someone who is a good listener in order to clear your mind.


You can expect to get intuitive ideas that would lead you where you want to be. You can expect to meet someone whom you first don’t like at all, but in the long run the person turns out to be the exact opposite. That’s why you should give anyone you meet a chance to show what they are made of. If you are in a steady relationship, this weekend gives you an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bonds. Enjoy your free time as much as you can.


What exactly can you expect from your future? You should think carefully your plans for this weekend, as it’s likely to have an effect far beyond the next couple of days only. Having fun in the evening with your friends in some club is necessarily not the best of ideas if your partner wants more intimacy. Outside influences could complicate the situation. You have to watch your health as something that you have had trouble with in the past could return.


You are naturally busy at your work and romance and intimacy is not necessarily on top of your mind. But as the weekend nears, you should change the focus of your attention. You should think how you could change your attitude to more sympathetic. In order to nurture your relationship you must start thinking more about your partner.. Although you mostly walk on your own path, you can be happy as that has been your own choice.


You would like to solicit support from your friends, as you are facing some considerable challenges that would seem to be more surmountable if you can share ideas and the responsibility. The more you talk with people the better. In this way you can understand sooner how to take care of problems you are facing, and also get a better idea on how the others see you. You have to make a big decision, and that’s very important to you, so take your time.


You may be facing some hurdles in the near future, but if you have decided that something must work, it does. You can expect someone to become suddenly much more attractive in your eyes. This is not necessarily in the sense of passion or romance, but then, do you really need that now? You should take a positive look at your future, even if everything just now does not seem very promising. That will pass, and things start progressing soon.


This weekend your inner thoughts are likely to turn to romance and choices you are facing in your future. Although you want to continue your daily life much as it has been, you are not sure, but are afraid of changes. It looks like you have plenty of choices available, but none of them is an absolute necessity. An old friend is looking to take contact with you. You will be surprised how much common you two still have once you get to meet.


In order for you to take full advantage of events that are unfolding right in front of you, you have to work hard. You may have to decide over the weekend, how much effort that would take, and whether it would be all worth it. Of course, everyone concerned has to pitch in to make this work properly. You should not worry about money just now, as there’s very little you can do about mandatory expenses. Save where you can, and focus on the goal.


It’s important that you encourage and cultivate relationships that help you grown and experience new. Although you could have been romantically involved with your partner for a long time, the relationship does not have to be dull. Be more adventurous, and star small if you so feel. You don’t have to rush to something exotic to improve the situation. Just try to keep your thoughts concentrated, as your mind could be wandering somewhere far away.

08:13 18 Jun , 2024