Okinawa had 33 new HIV and AIDS cases in 2014

According to officials at Okinawa Prefecture Department of Public Health, 33 new cases of HIV and AIDS were discovered in Okinawa Prefecture in 2014. The figure is the highest since the statistics were started in 1987.

Currently, the total number of HIV carriers and AIDS patients in the prefecture is 290, of which 187 persons have been diagnosed HIV positive, and 103 have AIDS.  According to officials, the survey of 2014 shows that 11 persons among the 33 are already developing AIDS while 22 are HIV carriers. 31 of the patients are male and two are female.

By age, people in their 20s count for the highest number of 11 (9 HIV, 2 AIDS), five of the HIV carriers and five of AIDS patients are in their 30s and six in their 40s. (4 of them HIV, 2 have AIDS).

As a how they were infected, 25 males had a sexual contact with same sex partners, five cases were infected through hetero sexual contact and three of the cases are unclear.

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