79-year-old woman robbed at knifepoint on Miyako

A small store was robbed of ¥15,000 by a man wielding a knife in Miyakojima City, Miyako Island, in the afternoon of Mar. 20th.

According to Miyako Police, a man brandishing a weapon that the victim said looked like a knife broke into a shop located in Shinsato, Ueno, in Miyakojima City, threatening the 79-year-old shopkeeper. He forced her to open the cash register, grabbed the cash and ran away.

There was only the old woman in the shop at the time. She was not injured. The police are looking for the robber. Police say the man was wearing sunglasses and looked to be 20-30 years old.

The shop is located in a rural area about 30-minute drive by car from the nearest town. Many cars pass the site day-time, but very few people are seen walking in the neighborhood.

15:26 27 Feb , 2024