Awamori cocktails to be sold in PET bottles

Ryukyu Asian Co., a drink maker in Uruma City, has announced a plan to produce Awamori-based cocktails to be sold in PET bottles. The company says that the new drinks will appear on store shelves by this summer.

According to the company, the new products are mainly targeted at younger people, especially for young women, and also for expanding Awamori brand. Ryukyu Asian Co. obtained a license in January to produce alcoholic beverages marking the first time in Okinawa that a non-distiller beverage maker has been granted the license.

The company’s plans call for producing Awamori cocktails with less than 5% of alcohol content to be sold in 350ml PET bottles. They will be priced at about ¥200 per bottle, and the labels are designed to project an Okinawan image. They will be sold under name “Okinawa Cocktail.”

The first two products to reach the market are called “CHICHI.” One is made of an Awamori base with pineapple juice and coconut milk, and the other has Awamori-base mixed with coffee extract and brown sugar. The recipe and product taste were all created with cooperation and support by the Okinawa Awamori Meister Association.

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15:29 27 Feb , 2024