Fight over Henoko survey halting order intensifies

Governor Takeshi Onaga submitted documents to the fisheries ministry, Friday, justifying his orders to suspend the ocean floor survey work off the coast of Henoko. In the documents he countered the Okinawa Defense Bureau’s complaint about the prefecture’s order to suspend the survey.

In his written opinion to Fisheries and Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, Governor Onaga said that the petition that the Okinawa Defense Bureau had submitted Friday seeking the reversal of the Okinawa Prefecture’s work suspension order is not legitimate and should be rejected.

The governor has threatened to cancel the permission for the defense bureau to crush coral reefs for the seabed drilling survey as early as Monday if the bureau refuses to stop the survey.

According to sources reported by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, the minister is likely to invalidate the governor’s order to halt the work. An official announcement is expected on Monday.

The governor’s order to stop the survey is widely seen as irritating to the central government, especially when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to visit the U.S. in about a month, and become the first Japanese prime minister invited to address the U.S. Congress.

Most observers expect the dispute to intensify and end up in courts, which could delay the start of the actual landfill scheduled for this summer.

  • special

    If more young people went to the voting booths on election day, this idiotic governor wouldn’t be in the position of power he is today. He’s clearly not speaking for the interest of the majority of Okinawans rather, he speaks for the majority who voted for him; the elderly and the ones who are still bitter about WWII. The newer generation of Okinawa is not against the bases being here. Sure you have one here and their, but the majority don’t have any gripe about the base. The reason that this is frustrating too, is because Onaga speaks on behalf of special interest groups in Okinawa. He made ridiculous promises to Okinawans that he isn’t in a position to keep or overturn. The people who voted for him either don’t know this fact, or don’t care.

    • Tomamii

      Yes he speaks for the majority of Okinawa`s. So shut up and go home to the US.

      • Aluminum Fax

        Wow there is a lot of anger there! I also don’t think he speaks for the majority of Okinawans. I’ve got many Okinawa friends, and hang out with their families. There seems to be only a small group with a loud voice that is anti-base. Unfortunately as Special says, the people who are about 40 and younger don’t go vote because they are too busy working. Anyway, obviously Tomamii doesn’t care about Okinawa, only what makes her happy. What makes her happy is that all gaijin burn in hell. Racist lady.

        • Tomamii

          glad to disappoint you, but im not japanese an no lady, but Im sure thats not the only thing ur got wrong. As long you dont talk politics you might be still able enjoy the japanese politeness even here in Okinawa.

        • jwtn

          maybe is because the Okinawans are sick of you seizing their land, their sick of you destroying their lives and their sick of you telling them what to do. I have served in okinawa for 5 years. the us military here is less than honorable, the time to leave was a long time ago.

    • jwtn

      Is this why he won the vote by more than 100,000 votes, maybe its time for America to respect democracy for once and just leave. Last time I check the younger generational is looking at indepence.

18:35 28 Feb , 2024