Ground Self Defense Force private arrested for DUI

Ginowan police arrested a 20-year-old Japanese Self Defense Force private on suspicion of driving under influence, early Sunday morning in Mashiki, Ginowan City.

According to Ginowan Police, Pfc. Juli Yamashiro, a member of the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, was arrested after he hit a parked taxi on Highway 58 in Tomari, Naha City, and left the scene without stopping. Another taxi driver, who saw the accident, gave a chase and managed to stop Yamashiro in Mashiki, Ginowan.

Police caught Yamashiro while he was arguing with the taxi driver who had followed him. A breathalyzer test showed that Yamashiro had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

Yamashiro has admitted to the charges.

16:05 27 Feb , 2024