Mar. 5 ~ 11


As the month has changed you are facing new challenges. Changes in your life that you have thought for a long time would have felt quite unfamiliar even a few months ago. But as the circumstances have changed your plans should be rather clear. Are you worried about committing yourself to a certain way? Think carefully about alternatives. It should not be very difficult for you to find the best solution, and then the path forward is clear.


This is a good time for you to pull the right ropes. You can expect to benefit of something that you have so far thought very challenging and even nearly impossible. The main point is that the time to talk is over, and the time to act is now. You just have to be a little more open-minded. You are by nature patient, but slow progress has made you nervous. Calm down and you will notice that all pieces in your dilemma find their place almost automatically.


One of your old friends is seeking to make contact with you. Somehow you are in a similar situation in your life, and it would be useful for both of you to take your time to talk this over. Some in your own family may have tired you with their problems. You can expect a surprise proposal that could release you from a problematic situation. You should look more ahead, and see the positive around you. This weekend you can expect to enjoy much love.


Now is the time for you to relent your strict opinions. Of course, you can continue to differ, but it would be a good idea to listen also to the position of others regarding this disagreement. You know that it’s going to take time, but at the end everyone would benefit if you can compromise. If you share your worries, you could find solutions to many questions that you have in your mind. This weekend the most important point is to avoid conflicts.


Something is really bothering you to the point it makes you angry, but you still should avoid shouting it to everyone. Changes are that you would come to see that your frustration has been much overacted. Someone is going to remind you about a plan that has been put on the back burner for a while. Although you may have changed your mind regarding the original idea, you should be brave and adventurous. There’s no reason to worry too much.


Is there too much drama in your love life? Maybe your stance to the situation is too combative as you should make some important decisions for your near future. You should try to organize your life better both at work and home. That would let you be better prepared to face your challenges. It’s not easy to get along with everybody, but it’s good practice for the life. If you are starting to second-guess your earlier decisions, it’s a time to sit down and think.


Love and romance are strongly present this weekend. Hot passions make good memories, and you can be happy as life smiles you. However, a situation at work could prove to be more problematic, and the atmosphere at your work place does not feel so nice. Make sure you don’t waste your time to negative people. You have much to think about, and you might need some advice from others. You should seek advice from some someone experienced.


Instead of sitting around you need action and determination. Some decisions, however, are not up to you to decide. Maybe you should do something to encourage those who decide to move to certain direction. If you do, be clear and make sure your proposals are practical. It could be that this would lead to more power to you. During the weekend, you should leave your problems aside. Your love life is good and the summer is almost here, so enjoy.


Your environment provides you much inspiration that you can make use of in your life. In other words, you can expect interesting times ahead. Some people are likely to notice that hey have disappointed you, and are now waiting for your reaction. It’s likely that this will happen in due course, but what is it that you want? An apology? Maybe something more concrete would be more appropriate. It would be much better for you to decide and guide them.


You may be able to convince someone who’s been rather reluctant in the past to help you this time, but you have to reach an agreement concerning money. To get the result you want you need to show what you can do, not only talk. Someone you least expected is going to say some nice words for you, and that’s as welcome as it’s surprising. It does not help if you show your frustration as you are powerless in this matter. Let others help you this time.


You would like to speed things up. If you want to ask question, make sure that you ask them in the right place and company of right people. Avoid giving impression of being cocky, and make sure you show respect. That’s the only way to get their cooperation. The best place for you during the weekend is home with your family. People closest to you give you enduring energy and feeling of security. Remember to give them back the way only you can.


It’s the small details that trouble your relationships this time. It could be difficult to get through everyday routines, especially when you are in especially sensitive mood and easily take offense of what others say. Many people want your attention and help. And you should give your time to them. But avoid drama. You know what you should do, just make sure you do it right. Pay special attention to needs of your partner in order to help yourself.

14:54 27 Feb , 2024