Mar. 12 ~ 18


Because of a conflict in influence between planet Mercury and moon, you feel a kind of vulnerable this time. The best way over it is to get busy. Pick up a plan that has been dormant, and get on with it. If there appears a wrinkle in your love life, maybe it would be the best to take a step back and take your distance. But you should still clear the air by talking to make sure that you understand each other clearly. Be ready to explain things more than usual.


Spring is in the air and that makes you to long for some changes. Small steps  are the best now to improve your situation, and don’t forget to pay attention to your finances. If you have the slightest doubt about a person you met only recently, you should retract and take your time to evaluate this person once more. Talking is important, even more than action just now. The time to act comes soon enough. You could find a chance to make some extra money.


Those who are single should pay attention on their surroundings as s person with real charisma is likely to be near by. You must try by all means to avoid mixing love and money matters. If a friend asks for a loan, be prepared for a rally long payback time. Various kinds of temptations could abound in your environment that you should beware. Keep your eyes open and follow the path you have chosen. Very useful important information is on the way.


You know you enjoy greatly to be in the limelight, and that’s why it could be difficult for your friends to decide when you are for real, and when you are just putting on a face. This could delay their reaction when you ask for a favor. You have to learn how to approach different type of people just the way that you get results you want. You have to fine-tune your charms for that. Someone has come to mean you more than usual lately. Take good care of this.


If you want to impress people you have to learn to find out the facts before telling others what to do. There’s a decision to be made that is waiting for your opinion. You should rely on hard facts instead of fiction, and although this does not necessarily have anything to do with money or finances, you have to take those facts into account, too. Next week is going to be busy, so you should clean your slate as much as possible before and be ready.


The aspect of planet Saturn makes you asking for a challenge. An open mind would help you to face your future, and you can only expect to win. The only question is how much. Paying close attention on what people in your social circles are doing would help you to avoid misunderstandings. You might want to be more like one of your friends, but rest assured that even his or her life is not what it looks like from outside, and what you think it to be like.


Planet Venus is strong over the next week, and your thoughts focus on your love life and partner. Stoking up an old flame could seem promising, but make sure that is exactly what you wish for. Think first why did the flame go out in the first place? Strong relationships are now becoming even stronger. This would be a good time to make some exciting plans regarding your family, home or future vacation. Emotional issues are now very much on your agenda.


Everyone has secrets, and could it now be that someone is about to uncover yours? If you want to keep something secret, be extra careful at this time about people around you and whom you can trust. Next few days are not very easy, especially if you have to make an important decision. When you are in a sensitive mood, requests from your partner could feel more like demands. Someone claims to appreciate you, but that could be more like envying.


If you feel powerful and important you have a good reason for that. Now is a time to show and prove to others what you can do. That would easily lead to improving money situation and better economic balance for you. You have plenty of ideas and they are easy to put into use. Although you have a lot of temptations from everywhere, keep your feet firmly to the ground. If you want to fool around, try to keep those moments within your closest family.


Your mind is filling with new possibilities and completely new ideas, and you need to combine your energy and inspiration with your determination and skills to make those into reality. That is easier said than done for sure, but a good start would be to make a list and put everything in order according to their importance. You know best what makes you happy and beings you satisfaction. It does not take much to get you excited, and it’s a good thing.


If you feel stressed out maybe you have worked too hard and long hours. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your colleagues, and delegate tasks whenever you can. Nobody expects you to be a super-human! If you crave for more attention from your bosses or colleagues, show them your earlier achievements, and then proceed to present what you expect from the future. Be ready to listen to people’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with what you hear..


There’s a question related to your private life, and you can’t seem to be able to make up your mind. The best solution is to leave the decision to your lover who could help you in this little complicated situation. You would like to make changes? You really should not resist. Get rid of your old routines, and don’t only think about changes but start right away. Remind yourself what did you want six months ago? Did you act on it, and are you following up?

01:40 28 Feb , 2024