Mar. 19 ~ 25


The idea you have had in your mind for some time is about to bear fruit. Stick with it and your success is guaranteed. Inspiration and imagination are highlighted during the next week, and you should not underestimate their importance. A difficult question could arise and that could cause some kind of a panic among your friends, although it’s not very likely to happen as long as you keep the reins firmly in your hands.


Are you wondering how to impress someone you’d like to know better? You know deep in your heart that it would succeed best if you can be your true self. You should not even think that you could pretend in this situation. It’s important for you to be able to help others, and the best of both worlds would be if you could help yourself at the same time. This weekend could be your lucky time, and changes are good for winning in any kind of gamble.


You should concentrate on domestic affairs this weekend. By making sure that you stay a step ahead of everyone else would enable you to avoid many problems in your everyday life. Even if you’d like to tell off a certain person, it would be best to stay tactful, especially in regards of future encounters. You can now take it a little easier, and if you can let others to notice the change in your demeanor, you’d notice how much they care for you.


You can expect to have some new experiences this weekend that will surprise even yourself. You should try to see your upcoming problems more as a chance to show what you really can do. Do you feel that your ability to engage in a meaningful conversation with people is somehow diminished? If so, that only proves that you must start spending more time with people and not bury yourself in the corner of your favorite sofa at home.


Try to calm down instead of running to all directions at the same time. It’s your habit not to think everything through before running into action about your visions and ideas. You really appreciate action over words, and there are times when other ways would work better. Especially you should learn to slow down when it comes to romance. You partner would likely prefer you take more time to discuss about your common goals and dreams.


You have had a hard time at your work, and its only natural that you would like to have it easier in from now on. However, at the same time you might lose a chance to learn something new. You should never assume that you know everything. People, technology, opinions and possibilities; everything changes with time. It’s your job to stay current with those changes. You should open your heart to a person who has been interested in you lately.


Your broad shoulders are able to carry everything that the world throws at you. But you have to begin to understand and appreciate your own power. Only heaven sets the limits to your imagination. You lover is on the same wavelength with you, and you two make a wonderful team, if you only let it all happen. You are now able to accomplish much, and you should start with things that you have postponed lately.


No effort seems to be too big when you proceed towards your goal, but your journey could be even more fun if you can earn the cooperation of the right people. Although your social life could take the back seat as you are working on your ideas that would be all right, if those close to you agree with it. You can also help your friends in some practical matters. They would certainly appreciate it, and you would gain much respect in the process.


You clear vision and energy guarantee that you are ahead of most. The next couple of weeks don’t seem to bring many challenges to your way, so maybe you should create those by yourself. If you feel that you are able to organize and run your tasks better than most, you should show and prove it to them. You have what it takes, but those around you may not have taken notice yet. Your creativity will help you to come up with the way to do just that.


You could be overconfident just now, thanks to the strong influence of planet Jupiter. That could lead to mistakes. No one expects you to exceed your previous achievements, and the main goal is to maintain the level you have. You should not worry if you have not enough time for socializing just now. Things tend to happen in cycles, and at this time it’s best to concentrate on other areas in your life. Just be happy about everything new around you.


Your friends are applauding you and that makes you feel great. But sometimes you should listen to those of your friends who you know are always honest. You know that there are certain aspects in your life that require changes or improvements. Yu should take the bull by the horns and start working on that. You also will notice that you are not alone. By working together the best results are guaranteed.


Passionate emotions are the gateway to open and direct discussions. At last you can open up and get rid of frustrations. Although this might not make everyone around you happy, you must be true to your own feelings and thoughts. There could be conflicts in your love life, but romance will take the edge away. Something new is going to come up this weekend that would give you much satisfaction for weeks to come.

18:34 28 Feb , 2024