Mar. 26 ~ Apr. 1


This is the time to be brave. The braver you are, the more you can expect to achieve. It might be that one time you are confident, and some other time nervous, but you know, deep inside, that you can solve and conquer anything. This is the time of renewal and hope for you, so make the best of it. And you are at your best when you work as a team with others. But don’t try to insist others to always agree with your opinions.


Planet Mars is in very positive aspect to your zodiac and that makes you feel especially strong and determined. That also makes you unusually impatient, and people who have to associate with you will take notice that you expect action more than words. However, it’s a fact that you have to assume more responsibility of your future than you have done lately. Make a list of all things you have to do and then follow up to the letter.


You want to get ahead and be dynamic in your everyday life. That’s why it’s very important that you calm down, take your time to think and make a plan how to accomplish everything that is important. This weekend tempers could flare, but you can blame that on the spring that is finally here. You are proceeding in the right direction, so there is no good reason to slow down. Something surprising is up in the air, so keep your eyes open.


You feel especially strong bonds with your lover, and that will guide you to the right direction emotionally. It might feel at times that you have lost your direction in romance, but you just have to let the destiny to take its course. In a matter of fact that could really come as a relief to you as you actually enjoy when events take place at their natural pace without you or anyone else trying to control everything to the smallest of details.


You should try to open up more. You can express even your strongest feelings and desires to those close to you. Hiding important matters from others does not help anyone, and there are many things that have stayed in your closet for too long. After you open up you will notice how the burden disappears from your shoulders. Life is not always perfect for anyone. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You just have to accept that as a fact.


Your path ahead is clear in front of you after some hesitation in the past. Now is a good moment to go through your goals and hopes for your future. Love and passion are at the surface this weekend, but you have to express your feelings and not keep your lover guessing. Your trials and tribulations that you successfully fought in the past are finally bearing fruit, and you can finally be satisfied and happy with your accomplishments.


Lately you might have felt like you are standing behind a curtain of uncertainty without a way out to the clear. But we all feel like that at times. Do not let other people to tie you up with their problems. They are not yours. They may approach you with good intentions, but they are not you. You have to create your own future by yourself, and you can accomplish that only by being brave and relying on your own power and means.


It’s the time for you to let bygones be bygones and step out of the shadows of your past. Certainly the future can feel scary at times, but with all planets aligned to your advantage you have only winning cards in your hand now. You are emotionally much stronger than in the past. If you talk with other people about your thoughts and hopes, you will soon notice that they, too, start feeling better and more optimistic about their future.


Make a concrete list of everything that is important to you. After that, make a list of all things and people that are negative in your life. Keep everything in your mind that you wrote, and these lists become an important tool that will guide you through the next few weeks. Spend this weekend with people who make you to feel good and have optimistic view of their future. You would see that they will have a very positive impact on you, too.


Many negative feelings are bound to disturb your harmony in the next few days, but you should not worry. You can get through this soon, and most of it is forgotten sooner than you think. You can help yourself by doing something new and exciting, something that you have never tried before. The spring equinox last weekend was actually the start for a change and renewal for you, too. You just have to realize it in your mind and change your attitude.


You can expect many surprises in the next few days. Luckily for you, most people will realize that it’s no use for them to try to benefit of the situation at your expense. You are much too strong to let that happen, and you can easily put them in their place. You might want more joy in your life, and perhaps visual arts, music or old-fashioned romantic weekend with your lover would be the answer. At least you should try.


Isn’t it great to stay calm when everyone else seems to be running around without a purpose or goal? You should have your goals clear by now and plans ready how to get there. Just remember to be discreet when dealing with others, and just keep them out of your life. You can expect something exciting to happen over the weekend that is likely to light the flame of your love life. Keep your eyes open and you will notice when that happens.

19:13 28 Feb , 2024