Ishigaki school teacher arrested for DUI, causing fatal accident

Yaeyama Police arrested a 47-year-old elementary school teacher on suspicion of driving drunk and fatally running over a restaurant worker in Arakawa, Ishigaki Island, on Feb. 28th.

According to Yaeyama Police, Jun Kuwae, a local elementary school teacher, had been drinking at a party with his colleagues after a training session, and caused the accident about 2:10 a.m. After running over the victim, he stopped the car, went to investigate and found a man lying on the road. He then called police and said, “I might have hit something. Maybe I ran over a man.”

Then victim, 27-year-old Yasuaki Kishaba, was taken unconscious to a hospital where he died in the morning of Mar. 1st. A breathalyzer test showed about four times the legal limit of alcohol in Kuwae’s breath. He was arrested on the spot.

The site of the accident is on a double-lane straight road with no curbstone between the driveway and sidewalk.

19:00 28 Feb , 2024