Itoman Police lose their investigators’ digital camera

Itoman Police has lost a digital camera with its SD memory card that had been used in investigations and had been kept in a cabinet in the Itoman Police Station. A spokesman for the Itoman police made the embarrassing incident public and apologized on Monday.

The SD card inside the camera had pictures that had been recorded during investigations, including about 10 related to criminal cases. A police staff member discovered the camera was missing from the cabinet on March 2nd.

According to Itoman Police, the staff member who’s in his 50s had taken pictures with the camera on Feb. 27th, and returned it in the cabinet. But when he went to look for the camera again on March 2nd, it was gone.

According to regulations, when someone in the staff wants to use the camera, the person should sign for it in the logbook every time the camera is taken out of the cabinet. But the staff did not follow the rule, and also, the cabinet was not locked.

Itoman Police say they have already apologized to people whose pictures had been recorded on the SD card, and also apologized to the public promising to exercise more care about handling the police station’s property in the future.

02:08 28 Feb , 2024