JAL expanding passenger in flight access to Internet

Japan Airlines, JAL, is expanding the installation of its onboard Wi-Fi service, ‘JAL SKY Wi-Fi’ to all of its domestic fights.  The service started on several domestic routes in various parts of the country last July, and it became available on some flights in and out of Okinawa from October last year. Currently, the service is available on almost half of Okinawa flights. The company aims at introducing the service in the near future on all flights serving Okinawa.

On flights that JAL SKY Wi-Fi is available, passengers can access the Internet and their e-mails through a wireless LAN terminal on board the aircraft. Two kinds of service are offered; a ‘Time Charge Plan’ and an unlimited service of the ‘Flight Plan’.  The charge to use the connection to the Internet with the ‘Time Charge Plan’ is ¥400 per 30 minutes including the sales tax, while the unlimited plan will have a one-time charge that depends on the route and the device the passenger uses.  The charge is ¥700 including tax for smart phone users of the route between Okinawa and Tokyo, while PC and tablet users will be charged a one time fee of ¥1,200.

19:07 28 Feb , 2024