Marine, airman nabbed for driving under influence

Naha Police arrested a 35-year-old Marine on suspicion of driving under influence in Naha, Sunday morning.

According to Naha Police, a police patrol stopped Micheal Davis, a Marine, about 6 a.m. on Kokusai Street in Naha, after they noticed that one of his taillights had gone out. While talking to Davis, a police officer smelled alcohol and asked him to submit to a breathalyzer test. The test showed about three times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

When questioned, Davis denied the allegation claiming that he had had only three mugs of draft beer 15 hours earlier, and insisted that he could not possibly be drunk.

On Friday morning a police patrol stopped 21-year-old airman Kenneth Ratchford II stationed on Kadena Air Base at Hiyagon, Okinawa City. A breathalyzer test showed alcohol over the legal limit in his breath. Ratchford admitted to the charge.

  • bob

    that dumbazz, stayed up all night at the snack bar, got nothing again, but spent at best 30-50,000 yen, a local called the cops and ripped him off simply because they dont’ like Americans and he was busted

18:59 28 Feb , 2024