Marines’ policy deputy forced to resign over leaked video

A video showing the arrest of Hiroji Yamashiro, the 62-year-old chairman of the Okinawa Heiwa Undo Center (Peace Movement Center), protesting the construction at Henoko in front of the gate to Camp Schwab was leaked and posted on YouTube video streaming service. The video of the Feb. 22nd incident showed the Japanese gate guards grabbing and arresting Yamashiro who had strayed a few feet into the base area.

Government officials revealed on Mar. 19th, that the source of leak was Robert Eldridge, deputy assistant chief of staff of government and external affairs of the U.S. Marine Corps on Okinawa. Eldridge was forced to resign from his position to take responsibility for leaking the video.

Although Marine Corps officials told Okinawa Times newspaper that the person who had leaked the video had been disciplined, they refused to reveal details including the name and rank of the person citing regulations of the Department of Defense.

According to a person familiar with the issue, Eldridge gave the footage of the incident to a 51-year-old man living on Okinawa.  This person then posted the movie on YouTube on March 9th. However, he has reportedly not revealed anything about the video and where it came from.

  • bob

    big deal the video clearly shows that he had illegally crossed the line, don’t care how small that’s the way the Japanese always look at things, so what’s different here, even this article clearly states that the man had strayed a few feet into the base area that right is illegal entry that warrants grabbing and arresting.

17:22 28 Feb , 2024